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Linda Nowak, a veteran teacher of 29 years, has taught all grades from elementary to the university level. As a speaker and writer, she brings humor, insight, and a love of books to all readers and audiences. Her special interest in middle and high school students encourages kids to experience reading, the outdoors, and the great adventure of books. Originally from Columbus, Ohio, Linda now resides in Missouri and Florida.



Linda hiking the Appalachian Trial.
Her first book, Cinnamon, is about
a teen's adventure on the famous trail.

Cinnamon is now in its third printing.

Linda's newest book, Mandi: Over the Moon on a Snowboard, is now available.



Linda rode into the convention hall on the Magic School Bus to receive the Nila Banton Smith Award at the International Reading Association's convention in 1999. Bus

Award  This international award is given annually to an outstanding secondary teacher of reading.